To the Nation Commemorating the Birthday of the Late King Hussein

Address by His Majesty King Abdullah II

To the Nation Commemorating the Birthday of the Late King Hussein

14 November 1999
(Translated from Arabic)

Dear Citizens,

I extend to you a greeting of pride and appreciation. You are my family, people, tribe, and source of support. You have always fulfilled your promises and pledges, and demonstrated strong allegiance to the sacred soil of Jordan.

This is the first time we mark this auspicious occasion without the presence of our most beloved and cherished person, who had always filled our hearts with love and joy. It is the first time we will not set our sights on his noble and affable countenance, and our hearts will not be calmed by his demeanour, which inspired warmth, peace, and love.

Today, we celebrate this anniversary, the birthday of King Hussein. He will remain the sun that lights our days and revives warmth and life in our veins. We envision him amongst us in everything he has built and achieved with his untiring patience, struggle and will.

The best salute, in which our souls embrace King Hussein's, is to love Jordan as he loved it, continue his blessed march and work for achieving the noble objectives in which he believed and to which he dedicated his life. We must also continue to build modern Jordan, which the great King Hussein had wanted to be an oasis of security, stability, freedom, democracy, and respect for human rights. He also wanted Jordan to be an example of progress, modernisation, and the ability to face challenges and difficulties.

You were Hussein's companions and friends. You supported him and struggled by his side while demonstrating faith, patience, and great resolve, until you built with him modern Jordan and carried its the message of the present and future. It is only a sign of our loyalty to King Hussein that we should continue and achieve further progress so that Jordan can live up to its message and ambitions, in spite of its limited resources.

Dear Brothers,

A few months have passed since I shouldered responsibility in our beloved Jordan. During this time, I have sought to grasp all aspects of our national march and know our weaknesses, flaws, and negligence and work to overcome these obstacles. I have also sought to meet you wherever you might be, to listen and to consult on all our affairs and concerns. I found out that addressing our economic situation must top our priorities, and that we must work at all levels to revive our national economy and overcome what is hindering our development process.

My visits to many countries were meant to acquaint them with our experience in this field and to cooperate with them and benefit from their expertise and skills to overcome the problems that obstruct our progress. We also had to maintain our relations with the world around us and Jordan's reputation in international circles.

You were with me in all the places I went to. Your concerns are mine and your hopes are mine too. Also, your aspirations for a bright future and decent life receive my undivided attention. I have pledged to dedicate my efforts to your service and to Jordan's wellbeing and progress.

I am confident that through determination, collective effort, and serious and honest work, we will be able to overcome all challenges. This reflects true allegiance to Jordan, faith in its message, and loyalty to the great leader, King Hussein, and the noble goals he dedicated his life to achieving.

Brothers: Great people do not die. By God's will, they go to another place. Their visions, achievements, and what they gave to their people and to humanity shall be cherished forever. Their memory remains a source of hope and determination to carry on with life, exert more efforts, and make more achievements.

I salute King Hussein. Together, we stand in respect for his pure soul, which will live in peace in God's eternal Heaven, God willing.

God's peace, mercy, and blessings be upon you.