At the Dinner Banquet Hosted by Governor- General of Canada Romeo Adrien LeBlanc

Speech of His Majesty King Abdullah II

At the Dinner Banquet Hosted by Governor- General of Canada Romeo Adrien LeBlanc

14 May 1999

It gives Her Majesty Queen Rania and I great pleasure and honour to be among friends with whom we share a common vision and values. Jordan and Canada have long shared humanitarian concerns. In Jordan, we have given top priority to providing our people with a decent and productive life. This is why Jordan has worked hard to accomplish peace in our region and in the whole world.

Canada has always emphasised that human security is the basic factor that guarantees freedom and peace for people, and releases them from fear. Jordan also believes that. As my father the late King Hussein used to say, "Man is our best and most precious asset." We confirm that we will continue to exert our efforts to protect people's security and peace by all possible means, and in any place. Our ultimate hope is for our region to reach a state of just and comprehensive peace that protects the dignity and unity of all the people of the region. Although the peace process has not yet borne fruit, we hope to see, after the Israeli elections, a new determination and a strong commitment towards the peace process so as to reach its logical conclusion, as delaying justice means denying it.

In this part of the world, we have given top priority to sustainable development and just growth in the economy and social development. We also realise that development and prosperity cannot be maintained without peace, and unless they reach all the categories of the society in order to improve their living standards.

We highly appreciate Canada's support for our country and we look forward to continued cooperation between our countries to establish new mutual projects in all fields. Jordan has been implementing a program of economic reform, and thus we have been able to maintain our economic stability and improve our business environment, so that today Jordan has become one of the most competitive countries in the region. This gives great opportunities to Canadian businessmen to invest in Jordan and to establish joint ventures with local companies, especially in the fields of water and energy.

Jordan greatly appreciates the role and contribution of Canada in making and maintaining peace, particularly its efforts in the work group for refugees in the multilateral track of the peace process. We are confident that Canada will continue to play its vital role, which aims to accomplish the noble goals of the Canadian people. These goals have distinguished Canada and made it worthy of respect in the international community.

The moral weight of Canada has placed this friendly country in the forefront of those working hard to alleviate the suffering of people and maintain their security and dignity.

We thank you very much for your warm welcome and for allowing us this opportunity to meet such distinguished friends.

Both Her Majesty Queen Rania and I hope to see you in the very near future in Jordan so that we may reciprocate your warm welcome and hospitality.