Before the Coronavirus Global Response pledging conference

Remarks by His Majesty King Abdullah II

Before the Coronavirus Global Response pledging conference

04 May 2020
(Via teleconference)

كلمة جلالة الملك عبدالله الثاني في مؤتمر المانحين الدولي لحشد الدعم للاستجابة لفيروس كورونا المستجد

In the name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful,

Madam President,
Your Excellencies,
Dear Friends,

It is a privilege to be part of this global effort to respond to COVID-19. And we truly appreciate the EU’s leading role in promoting global solidarity to counter this pandemic.

The past months dealing with COVID-19 have shown us that we all need each other to survive. The lessons we learn must help us seek a better integration of our world, a “re-globalisation” that sees relations based on building capacities, ushering cooperation and putting the wellbeing of all peoples first.

Only through this integration can we bring about a positive interdependence, tapping into skills and resources across national boundaries. And this will enable us to expedite the process of finding solutions and addressing shortages in each country in medical equipment and supplies. Ultimately, we will be better able to live up to our responsibility as an international community to ensure every individual, across countries and continents, has equal and equitable access to a vaccine, once available.

In my region, failure is not an option. With ongoing crises, conflict, and unemployment, the risks are way too high. And we cannot forget that those that are most vulnerable in such difficult times, are people such as refugees and displaced communities.

In Jordan, protecting refugees from COVID-19 is a priority. And while the lockdown has exacerbated our economic difficulties, our quick action has thankfully helped suppress the spread of the virus. And this has meant that we have been ready to provide support where possible, offering PPEs to neighbours and friends experiencing shortages. But at the same time, we do rely on our friends for support to address our own shortages, such as ventilators and testing kits.

Our chances of success increase exponentially if we partner to build capacities within each of our countries and, more importantly, cooperate rather than compete.

Thank you very much, Madam President.