Royal Decree appoints Maaytah as PSD director

11 September 2022

A Royal Decree has been issued, appointing Maj. Gen. Obaidallah Maaytah as Director of the Public Security Directorate (PSD) as of 11 September 2022.

In a letter to Maaytah, His Majesty King Abdullah commended his distinguished service throughout the years, expressing pride in all PSD personnel.

King Abdullah said Maaytah is required to further advance the merger of the gendarmerie and civil defence into the PSD, in order to ensure professionalism and specialisation.

His Majesty underscored the need to bolster efforts to counter drug trafficking and fight crime, while building the civil defence’s capacity to deal with emergencies and natural disasters.

In the letter, the King also urged the PSD to work to address traffic congestions and limit the number of traffic accidents, by ensuring laws and regulations are fully upheld and obeyed.