King urges facilitating SMEs, agricultural projects

16 February 2021

His Majesty King Abdullah on Tuesday stressed the importance of establishing small- and medium-sized enterprises and agricultural projects, highlighting their value in development and providing employment opportunities.

During a meeting at Al Husseiniya Palace with a number of figures from various governorates, held as part of ongoing outreach, King Abdullah underscored the importance of the recently announced "Brothers in Arms” programme to continue supporting retired servicemen, veterans, and their families.

His Majesty noted the need to continue the process of political development, and revisit the laws regulating political life.

The King urged the government to continue its public outreach on the field in all governorates to take note of citizens’ concerns and address their needs. 

Addressing the recent increase in COVID-19 cases, His Majesty stressed the importance of maintaining commitment to safety measures and mask-wearing.

For their part, the attendees expressed appreciation for the King’s outreach efforts and his keenness to hear their ideas for advancing the state in its second centennial, commending Royal directives on supporting military retirees.

They also noted a need to utilise land around the Kingdom for agricultural projects that can bolster food security, and highlighted the importance of promoting political engagement among youth, providing vocational training, and capitalising on opportunities in the renewable energy sector.