King sees off families of martyrs leaving to perform Hajj

04 August 2019

His Majesty King Abdullah on Sunday saw off families of martyrs of the Jordan Armed Forces-Arab Army and security agencies leaving to perform Hajj, the greater Muslim pilgrimage to Mecca, in recognition of the martyrs’ sacrifices defending Jordan’s security and stability.

King Abdullah surprised the families of martyrs during a farewell ceremony held for them at the Royal Hashemite Court.

His Majesty spoke to the attendees, wishing them a rewarding spiritual journey and a safe return to their families.

His Majesty also directed the concerned officials at the Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs to ensure the facilitation of all Hajj rites for Jordanian pilgrims this season.

The Royal Hashemite Court annually sends a group of martyrs’ families to perform Hajj, with a farewell ceremony held for them and attended by the chief of the Royal Hashemite Court on behalf of the King.

The families expressed gratitude for His Majesty’s efforts in enabling them to perform Hajj, noting that seeing them off before heading to Mecca shows the deep appreciation he has for the families of martyrs and the sacrifices of their sons and daughters.

They also expressed their pride in the King’s leadership and his support for martyrs’ families, thanking His Majesty for ensuring they have a smooth pilgrimage.