King Opens Talks with Moroccan Monarch

26 May 2003

His Majesty King Abdullah II and King Mohammad VI of Morocco opened talks on Monday focusing on ways to further cement bilateral cooperation in political and economic domains.

At the outset of the meeting, which was attended by HRH Prince Ali Bin Al Hussein, Minister of the Royal Court Faisal El-Fayez and Jordanian Ambassador to Morocco, King Abdullah presented his condolences on the victims of the recent terrorist attack in Casablanca. The King affirmed Jordan's support and solidarity with Morocco and denounced such criminal acts that killed innocent civilians from the brotherly Moroccans.

The two Monarchs affirmed that such terrorist actions targeting innocent people are renounced by our Islamic religion and stressed the necessity to mobilize efforts to fight this phenomena which Arabs and Moslems have become its victims.

Talks during the meeting touched upon the current situation in the region particularly in the Palestinian areas, where the two leaders affirmed their support to the efforts designed to start implementing the road map, which stipulates ending Israeli occupation of the Palestinian land and establishing a Palestinian state within a three-year period.

On the Iraqi affaires, King Abdullah and the Moroccan monarch underlined the necessity to restore stability and security in Iraq and to form a national Iraqi government that could take control of the situation in the country.

King Abdullah arrived in Rabat earlier on the day on a visit to Morocco, he was welcomed at the airport by King Mohammad VI and senior Moroccan officials.