King Opens Factory of Jordan Aerospace industries

18 February 2004

His Majesty king Abdullah opened on Wednesday aircraft factory affiliated to Jordan Aerospace Industries (JAI) in its site at Queen Alia International Airport.

His majesty the King toured the factory's facilities and looked into varieties of models of aircrafts in different sizes, which were manufactured by Jordanian engineers and technicians.

During the tour, the King was briefed on the production lines
of the aircrafts, stages of manufacturing and safety measures , particularly
Sama CH2000, the first aircraft manufactured by JAI for training in
the Middle East Academy for Aviation Sciences in Jordan.

JAI was founded in 2001 in Jordan, because Jordan has
a strong foundation for stability and security that is essential for
tremendous economic growth in the aviation sector. JAI is a pioneer
in introducing a new dimension to the aviation in the Middle East,
The project is the first of its kind in region manufacture, assemble
aircraft for training, aerial photograpy, search and rescue, sports
and recreational activities and patrol and surveillence.

The first stage of the project reached a total cost of JD30

According to JAI Board Chairman, Muayad Samarai, the factory includes
nine production lines and works jointly with King Abdullah Center
for Design to manufacture planes without pilot with a production capacity
of 50 aircrafts for this year.