King Affirms the Role of Youth in Formulating the Future

18 May 2003

His Majesty King Abdullah II affirmed on Sunday the importance of contacting with youth sector in formulating the future of Jordan.

Upon concluding the First Jordan Youth Forum, The King called the youth to act their role in enhancing democracy by efficient contribution in choosing members of the coming Parliament.

The King added that this role is in harmony with the percentage of youth in the Jordanian community which exceeds 50%, The King also pointed out that youth should shoulder their responsibilities and act their role because they will effectively contribute in formulating the future of Jordan.

On the other hand, The King expressed his confidence in the Jordanian youth and his pride over their the advanced level.

The King said that what is needed now is finding mechanisms that guarantee the continuation of contact with youth. The King also stressed that the government will study the thoughts which were presented in the Forum, and the results will be declared as quick as possible.