King Abdullah Meets Arab League Secretary

23 January 2002

Arab League Secretary General Amr Musa, Wednesday, briefed His Majesty King Abdullah on the league`s preparations for the Arab summit scheduled to be held in Beirut next March .

During a meeting at Beit Al Barakah Palace, the King listened to a briefing by Musa on the outcome of his talks in Baghdadi and Kuwait to help bring the Iraqi and Kuwaiti viewpoints closer together .

Musa`s talks were in completion of King Abdullah`s efforts during Amman Arab summit a year ago when the Kuwaiti-Iraqi issue was discussed for the first time.

King Abdullah appreciated Musa`s efforts to clear up Arab atmosphere and wished him all success in his endeavors to consolidate Arab solidarity.

Musa, who arrived in Amman earlier on the day coming from Kuwait said the Iraqi and Kuwaiti sides showed understanding and readiness to ensure success to Beirut Arab summit.

Talks during the meeting also touched upon the development of events in the Palestinian areas. The King expressed worry over the deteriorating security there and Israel`s mounting military operations against the Palestinians.

The King said the international community should shoulder the responsibility to help prevent the situation from going out of control .