Letter appointing Nasser Lozi as Royal Hashemite Court Chief

From King Abdallah II of Jordan
To Nasser Lozi
RE: Appointment as Royal Hashemite Court chief
04 October 2008
Translated from Arabic

In the name of God, the Most Merciful, the Compassionate,

Your Excellency, Nasser Ahmad Lozi,

May God protect you,

It gives me pleasure to send to you my best greetings and sincere wishes for good health, happiness and success.

I have known you for years through your loyal, dedicated work, distinguished service and commendable manner in the many senior posts you have held and the numerous responsibilities that you have shouldered with efficiency and a sincere desire for serious work and targeted achievement.

Hence, I commission you to be the chief of our Royal Hashemite Court, to continue your service to your country, with the highest sense of responsibility and full understanding of the challenges of this stage in our national development.

The objective is to continue pursuing reform, modernisation and comprehensive development while addressing any challenges and obstacles confronting the process. This calls for dedication and complete cooperation among all state institutions within the framework of a unified, common vision and team spirit. This is necessary so that the goals we have identified and promised to our loyal people will be fulfilled.

I am sure that you will work to realise this vision with utmost attention to the principle of cooperation and coordination among the different state institutions.

Our Royal Hashemite Court, which is embraced by the love and devotion of Jordanians, was and will always be, with God's help, the house of all Jordanians and a sanctuary they seek when need arises. Let us keep this house, as it has always been, open to everybody. For, Jordanians are our family who loyally stand behind us with unwavering support. We owe them the love, care and honour they deserve. This has been the Hashemite approach since the dawn of history: We keep our doors wide open to the common good and the needy, and we will continue as such as long as God Almighty wills it for us.

As I congratulate you on your new post, I assure you of my support, and ask God Almighty to protect you, help you shoulder your responsibilities and grant you success in achieving what is best for our dear Jordan.

Peace, God's mercy and His blessings upon you,

Abdullah II ibn Al Hussein
Amman, 4 October 2008