Letter to Adnan Badran on the future of reform in Jordan

From King Abdallah II of Jordan
To Adnan Badran
RE: The future of reform in Jordan
16 June 2005
Translated from Arabic

In the name of God, the Most Merciful, the Compassionate,

Your Excellency Adnan Badran,

May God protect you,


Amidst noble national achievement, and through your shouldering executive responsibility, and your thrust forward to perform national obligations, we would like to affirm our support for you as you work to achieve what we look forward to, for the good of our dear Jordan, at present and in the future.

Human nature is characterised by ambition. It seeks what is better; it competes, expresses itself and mobilises all evidence and means of argument for the sake of advancing interests and principles. We have always stood, and will always stand, with conviction, with opinions that do not exclude other opinions, and with dialogue and freedom of expression. But we always affirm that all interests, as many and as varied they are, should be subordinated to the interests of the homeland. The national interest should top every other interest. This is one of the basic, constant pillars of our vision, our performance and our approach. Jordan's interest is the ultimate goal.

Reform, and the acceleration of reform, is a deliberate choice. It emanates from our vision of our national interests. Whereas international powers pressure other countries to adopt and implement reform, we in Jordan have been – and will continue to be – the pioneers of reform, which emanated from the head of the state downwards to different levels. Reform will continue until it realises every advantage for the homeland's interests and for the welfare of all Jordanians, without exception.

We are fully convinced that reform initially requires sacrifice but it constitutes a guarantee of our sons’ and daughters' future prosperity. Thus, we are not surprised when some people oppose the principles of reform and seek to maintain the status quo: every call for positive change that requires sacrifices will face resistance. Perhaps what supports the position of people who resist positive change is that the advantages and benefits of change are not apparent in the early stages, as opposed to their abundant fruits in the near future.

We have noticed, and continue to monitor, the focused attacks on reform and its backers. We would not have objected if criticism and rejection were built on knowledge and objectivity. But the truth is evident, because the principles of reform were bypassed, and we witnessed individuals who pursued reform come under an unjustified attack. It is a pity that those who criticise and attack this national programme have deviated from the principles of reform and succeeded in personalising its proponents, when in actuality, reform is a set of principles, not individuals. The painful reality is that they have succeeded in individualising and personalising reform.

On this basis, and building on the essence of the principles of reform, we have accepted the principle of sacrifice and consequently, the resignation of His Excellency Bassem Awadallah from government was among the core components of these sacrifices. But what is undeniable and clear beyond doubt is that reform is our national programme; it will not be abandoned, nor will we retreat from it. It represents our will and our choice for the benefit of the homeland. It is a long-term approach that constitutes the final destination for our dear beloved Jordan.

We wish Dr. Awadallah continued success. He gave Jordan much energy and devotion, and will continue his distinguished giving in every position he holds. This is not new for him. Every time his homeland calls, he responds. I am sure that he will respond to the call if there are any new developments that require his return to the field of sincere and dedicated public service.

Reform is worthy of sacrifice. It is a continuing programme until it realises all the advantages, as much as it is a responsibility we shoulder for the benefit of future generations, and for their promising tomorrow. So we must achieve and succeed.

We are sure that you will spare no effort or refrain from any sacrifice that would enhance and firmly establish this orientation and emphasise its continuation. We are also convinced that your keenness and care to realise our vision for Jordan's future requires taking the necessary measures to select whom you see as capable of translating vision into tangible reality, whose good returns will benefit our homeland and citizens.

Jordan will always be first and will always deserve what is best.

Abdullah II ibn Al Hussein
Amman, 16 June 2005