Jordan has strived to break through the line of fire through peace and moderation amidst instability in the Middle East. The description of Jordan as a ‘quiet house in a troubled neighbourhood’ is perhaps an accurate assessment of the situation.

Ever since Palestine emerged as a cause, Jordan has embraced it amidst all the hope and pain. It was the first to pay the price in blood, with the martyrdom of King Abdullah I, may his soul rest in peace, on the holy grounds of Al Aqsa Mosque. His blood nurtured the deep-rooted connection that has never been severed, while thousands have borne witness to the Arab Army’s great feats. Not least of Jordan’s efforts is the battle of peace, which was led by His Majesty King Hussein bin Talal, may his soul rest in peace, wisely and ably to establish what is just and right.

His Majesty has dedicated all effort to bring the Palestinian cause to the fore at all international platforms, out of a conviction that the Palestinian cause is the cause of the Jordanian people as much as it is that of the Palestinian people. The King also believes that the future of the region, and the security and stability of its peoples are connected to the two-state solution, which leads to the establishment of an independent state of Palestine on Palestinian soil.

King Abdullah II has repeatedly affirmed that the priority will continue to be defending Palestinian rights and paving the way for a just and comprehensive solution to the Palestinian issue that would end the Israeli occupation, ensure Palestinian rights and guarantee the establishment of their independent Palestinian state on their national soil with East Jerusalem as its capital, in addition to the refugees’ right to return and the full sovereignty of the Palestinian state.

The King brought the Palestinian cause back into the global spotlight in a historic speech delivered at the US Capitol before a joint session of the Congress on 7 March 2007, which garnered international attention due to its wisdom and farsightedness.

Although His Majesty sees in the Palestinian issue a central cause for the region — indeed the key to its peace, security and stability — Jordan has not wavered from its duty towards other Arab issues, especially in unrest-ridden countries.

In other fields, the King has maintained Jordan’s openness to its neighbours and friends, leading the charge in the call for a firm stance in the face of terrorism. Since 1999, Jordan has signed several agreements to combat international terrorism. In addition, the Kingdom has been playing a key role in resolving international conflicts; and it has also been actively participating in the United Nation’s peacekeeping efforts. Every year, hundreds of Jordanian servicemen join the international peace-keeping forces to take on the various assignments of safe-guarding peace in troubled areas, responding to calls for addressing humanitarian crises and securing emergency aid when natural disasters strike.