King Abdullah II Centre for Excellence

The King Abdullah II Centre for Excellence was founded in January 2006 in order to promote a culture of excellence in Jordan’s public and private sectors, to be the national reference for determining the competitiveness of Jordan through the adoption of best practices and to administer three annual excellence awards initiated by the King:

  • King Abdullah II Award for Excellence in Government Performance and Transparency
  • King Abdullah II Award for Excellence for the Private Sector
  • Mark of Best Practice Award

The centre is the national reference for quality and excellence among public institutions, private business associations and companies, educational service providers and nongovernmental institutions. It measures their ability and effectiveness in serving their respective stakeholders as well as their contributions to the competitiveness of the Jordanian economy.

The centre certifies quality achievement among organisations and institutions wishing to improve their performance in the following areas: the quality of products or services they offer to their customers; efficiency of management and documentation systems; efficiency of management processes; and quality of internal review processes to continually improve product, service, systems or processes.

In September 2007, the King Abdullah II Centre for Excellence obtained the "Certificate of Commitment to Excellence" granted by the respected European Foundation for Quality Management, becoming the first institution in the Middle East and North Africa to be so honoured. The certificate recognises that the internal and approved regulations of the centre are based on the European model of excellence and that it is ably supporting institutions in all sectors as they build knowledge and expertise.