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Speech of His Majesty King Abdullah II
On the Occasion of the Graduation of the 19th Military and Police Sciences Classes
Kerak, Jordan
7 June 2006

In the Name of God, the Most Merciful, the Compassionate,

Dear Graduates,
Honourable Guests,

May God grant you good health.

On this happy day, allow me to extend my greetings and congratulations and express my feelings of pride in the graduates who have waited for this day, with utmost patience; and to their families, all the mothers and fathers who have sacrificed patiently and perhaps denied themselves many things for the sake of educating their sons and offering them as a cherished gift to our dear homeland.

And my greetings, along with my thanks, appreciation and gratitude to the professors and staff of this university, who turn out annually to the homeland, a company of gallant cavaliers who have dedicated their lives to defend this homeland and protect its borders, its progress and its achievements.

And congratulations to the brothers in this university, on the 25th anniversary of its establishment.

Dear Graduates,

As of this day, you will have the honour of actual service, as officers in the Arab Army and the security institutions. This is an honour to be proud of, a great responsibility and a sacred national duty that should be shouldered with utmost efficiency and belonging.

Always remember that you are the graduates of Muta University, a great historic name which reminds us of Islamic conquests, Arab and Muslim glory and the battle which was, and still is, the paramount symbol of bravery, heroism and sacrifice, for the sake of faith and all that is just and right.

On every inch of this pure land on which you stand, a story of heroism unfolded; and every handful of this soil is mixed with the blood of the defenders of the faith and Prophet's companions who were martyred here: Zaid Bin Harithah, Abdullah Bin Ruwahah, and Aal Al Bayt's own martyr, Jafar Bin Abi Taleb. Their tombs are still shrines and minarets to sacrifice and heroism; all of us should be loyal grandsons of these ancestors and great defenders of the faith.

I want you also to remember that the emblem borne on the forehead of each one of you is marked by the words: the Arab Army, because this Army is the heir to the army that led the Arab Revolt. And thus it will remain an army that is loyal to the principles and great message of the revolt, whether in defending Arab land or protecting innocent civilians who are the victims of war and strife, or in keeping the peace and the security anywhere in this world.

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

This region around us is passing through the most difficult conditions, and worst developments; the deteriorating state of affairs in the West Bank and in Iraq, and the dispute between Iran and the United States of America, all threaten security and stability. It is clear that there are parties and states who seek to benefit from this state of affairs. Some seek to settle their problems at the expense of neighbouring countries; others want to ignite this situation and spread chaos and destruction in more than one place, to enhance their influence and control over the whole region. Hence we should be at the highest level of alertness and preparedness in order to face the worst possible scenarios and to defend our country and national interests.

All of us, the one Jordanian family, from all origins and affiliations, notwithstanding our political or intellectual differences, or particular interests, should be as one hand, one heart and one line of defence in facing the challenges and risks that today surround this homeland from almost every side. We want everyone, whether near or far, to know that Jordan First is not just a slogan. It is a principle etched in our conscience, and we should express it through our work, behaviour and genuine belonging to this homeland.

If there is anyone who believes that it is possible to settle the Palestinian issue at the expense of Jordan, he should know that Jordan will never be a substitute homeland for anybody, and that the Palestinians' homeland and their state should be on Palestinian soil, and nowhere else.

If Jordan opens its doors and arms to all the Arab brethren, and if it is keen to be a sanctuary for every Arab who is subjected to injustice, this does not mean that we should be lenient towards or tolerant of any party that tries to disrupt this country's security and stability. Jordan is first, and Jordan's interests supersede all other interests and considerations.

We know that there are some who seek strength from some states to hurt this country, or to disrupt the relationship between the two brotherly peoples, the Jordanians and the Palestinians.

Those, and those who stand behind them, should know that the Jordanian-Palestinian relationship is a sacred historic bond, and that Jordan will always be - as it has always been - the closest and most supportive brother - with all his capabilities - to the Palestinian people, until the Palestinian state is established on Palestinian land.

Dear Brothers, the officers,
Dear Guests,

Once again, our best wishes and felicitations to everybody, and our congratulations to this homeland on this outstanding group of young officers of whom we are proud of, and to all the Jordanian youth, wherever they are, because they are this homeland's present and bright future, God willing.

I am confident that the courageous sons and daughters of this homeland are capable of facing all challenges with will, resolve and conviction that Jordan is first, Jordan is first now and always, under all circumstances and in all conditions.

May God grant you good health.

Peace, God's mercy and blessings be upon you.