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Reform and Development

Sustainable development is a virtuous cycle: it both creates, and benefits from, economic stability and growth. Starting the cycle requires global cooperation, and often, tough choices. Developed nations must choose to make a commitment: to urgently-needed debt relief; to increased direct assistance; and to fairer trade policies. We in the developing world must choose good governance and sound economic measures. All this suggests a framework for global development as well, a framework of partnerships…

But successful countries across the world have shown that reform is not a zero-sum game. It isn't a process of some winning at the expense of others. By enlarging the pie, reform creates winners across society. That's crucial for all Jordanians … and I am determined to carry through…

My view has always been in strengthening our society and getting Jordanians to have a much stronger role that then leads to political reform... It's a partnership between me and the people to move the society so that they are capable of moving democracy forward, and I know that Jordanians have it in them and have the capability