Official website of His Majesty King Abdullah II ibn Al Hussein
Palestinian-Israeli Conflict
“Real security for Israel will occur when it is a neighbour among neighbours, an economy among economies, a people among people working together towards the achievement of common goals and bright futures.”

What it comes down to, I think what history shows, is that people with the right conscience do not give up. As difficult and as dark it gets, we have to keep trying, and this is what we're saying, specifically on the Palestinian issue...

The security of all nations and the stability of our global economy are directly affected by the Middle East conflict. Across oceans, the conflict has estranged societies that should be friends. I meet Muslims thousands of miles away who have a deep, personal response to the suffering of the Palestinian people. They want to know how it is that ordinary Palestinians are still without rights and without a country. They ask whether the West really means what it says about equality and respect and universal justice…

We must work together to restore Palestine, a nation in despair and without hope. We must work together to restore peace, hope and opportunity to the Palestinian people. And in so doing, we will begin a process of building peace, not only throughout the region, but throughout the world…

Not one more generation should grow up thinking that violence and conflict are the norm...