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Middle East Peace and Security

...Peace means development. It means a better future, and it means economic growth and cooperation

“We must stand firmly and strongly by any Arab country subject to external interference in its internal affairs, the casting of aspersions on its Arab identity, sovereignty and independence, or attacks against its territory. We must also confront any attempt to tamper with the security and stability of the Arab Gulf.”

“Over the next few years, there needs to be wide-scale, tangible solutions to the issues that affect people's lives: community development, access to health care, affordable energy, secure water resources, good schools, gender equality and jobs, jobs, jobs – some 200 million more – for college graduates as well as school-leavers.”

The economic prosperity of all of us will be incomplete without regional peace. Our region needs peace and I hope that all parties, particularly our Israeli partners, will recognise the opportunity that is now before us. The Arab Peace Initiative can take the region one tremendous step closer to peace and stability in the Middle East…

We, all of us, must take risks for peace. The Arab states recognised that in 2002, when we unanimously approved the Arab Peace Initiative. It puts forward a path for both sides, to achieve what people want and need: a collective peace treaty with Israel and normal relations with every Arab state; collective security guarantees for all the countries of the region, including Israel; an end to the conflict, a dream every Israeli citizen has longed for since the creation of Israel; an agreed solution to the refugee problem; withdrawal from Arab territories occupied since 1967; and a sovereign, viable, and independent Palestine...