Official website of His Majesty King Abdullah II ibn Al Hussein
Reform and Development

Jordanians are the country's true wealth and they are both the means and the object of its development process

Concerning the role of women in general, I personally believe that as a small state we cannot ignore half of the working force; even large countries cannot afford to do that, and Jordan especially cannot do that

The responsibility of building the nation and achieving comprehensive development is not solely of the leader, but is a duty of every individual, and every citizen bears part of the responsibility

“For our countries of the South, the future depends on what we do now, to include those who have been excluded, to create opportunities for our young and growing populations and to take our rightful place in shaping the global economic system.”

“But for developing countries, [this] is also a time of huge potential. For the first time in history, developing countries are setting the economic pace, with unprecedented growth in trade, capital, and economic output. More people around the world are being included in the political process, free to vote and participate. There is a new recognition that our countries have solutions to offer and ideas that count.”