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To the region's young leaders, know this: you have the power to transform the future. Set powerful goals

“We have one of the largest youth cohorts in the world. They are full of ideas, energy and vitality. Yet there is a perennial shortage of skilled manpower. In the Arab world alone, 70,000 university graduates leave each year – that's nearly one-quarter of our graduates. Of those studying abroad, half do not come home. Not only are we losing their expertise – which is key to the future of business, science, education and other priorities. But we are also losing their local knowledge – a mine of cultural and national understanding, needed to shape development to the needs of our people and ensure success.”

Arab and Israeli young people, Muslim, Christian and Jewish, must be empowered by peace. Ensuring that this is so is the greatest calling of today's generation of leaders and it must begin with a solution to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict…

I can tell you that the young men and women of this region have incredible talent and energy and character. I can tell you, they can transform old realities – they can cross the divides, agree on justice and share in the progress of our century…

In the years ahead, the Middle East faces major requirements for development. Youth are more than fifty per cent of our population; they are coming of age with high expectations for opportunity, for security, for respect. The means to respond are there. We are rich in human talent and a heritage honouring education and culture…