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Human Rights

Our democratic process is the only insurance of Jordanians' human rights and their freedom and dignity

Jordan has already made the commitment. For good governance, human rights and gender equality. For innovation and partnership with the private sector. For an open, modern civil society rooted in true Arab-Islamic values: peace, tolerance, the rule of law and the pursuit of excellence…

Poverty, ignorance, absence of social justice and disrespect for human rights form a fertile environment for extremism and violence. It becomes thus imperative that we cooperate amongst ourselves to achieve development and social prosperity that would enable our peoples to live in climates of freedom, justice and respect for human rights…

To affirm our commitment to human rights, we recently established the National Centre for Human Rights, as well as an independent Higher Media Council. This is our Jordan – a country that is working for accountability, transparency and peace; a country, proud of its Islamic heritage and facing the future with confidence…

This is Jordan, a country that has continuously placed its regional responsibilities at the top of its agenda and has always sought to nurture moderation and stability in a region that has been deprived of both; a country intent on providing economic opportunity to a young population that is eager to harness its talents for the good of its nation; a country where the rule of law is the norm and where democracy, human rights and pluralism define the political landscape…