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Oath of Office

In order to assume constitutional authority, every cabinet official, including the prime minister, takes the oath of office before the reigning King in a swearing-in ceremony. This political rite is specified by Article 43 of the Constitution.

The swearing-in of a cabinet takes place on either of two occasions: when the reigning monarch appoints a new prime minister, who in turn appoints a cabinet, or when a sitting prime minister reshuffles a government, during which the prime minister may relieve some ministers from duty and appoint new ministers in their place or reassign ministers to new posts within a cabinet.

Swearing-in ceremonies commonly take place in the Throne Hall in Raghadan Palace. Standing before the reigning monarch, and with the right hand on the Quran or the Bible a new cabinet member recites the oath of office as follows: “I swear by the Almighty God to be loyal to the King, uphold the Constitution, serve the nation and conscientiously perform the duties entrusted to me.” Royal Family members and High-ranking court officials also attend the ceremony to witness the oath.