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The Hashemites
Emergency Restorations

The Minbar of Salaheddin in Al Aqsa Mosque suffered great damage when it was set on fire on 21 August 1969, by Jewish fundamentalist Dennis Rohan. The restoration of this minbar--a stepped platform or pulpit for preaching—was brought from Aleppo to Jerusalem by the legendary Muslim leader Salaheddin, who liberated the city from the Crusaders in 1187 AD. Its restoration cost the Jordanian treasury JD6 million (US$9 million).

The restoration team was able to salvage the original minbar and eradicate 95 per cent of the damage. Restoration work was completed at the Applied Balqa University in Salt, supervised by Arab and Muslim specialists and technicians. The work was followed up and sponsored by His Majesty King Abdullah II, who personally laid part of the minbar, thus marking the collection of its various parts, during the holy month of Ramadan 2002. The minbar was installed in its proper historic place in Al Aqsa Mosque on 2 February 2007.