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Royal Palaces
Aqaba Palace
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A number of facilities that today bear the title of ‘palace’ were not originally built for that purpose but acquired that status through the Hashemite Family's use of them. Among them is the home of Sharif Al Hussein Bin Ali in Aqaba. The Aqaba Palace was originally built as a guest house by the Asud family of Aqaba. Sharif Hussein took up residence there when he came to Aqaba in 1924 and received a pledge of loyalty and support from residents of Aqaba and its environs. The building was claimed as a government residence after the annexation of Aqaba to Jordan on 25 June 1925, according to the Hedda Treaty signed between King Abdullah I and King Ali of the Hijaz. The palace has been restored and renovated as a museum that relays the history of the Great Arab Revolt and Sharif Hussein's role in it. In November 2005, King Abdullah II patronised the raising of the 133m flag of the Great Arab Revolt situated in front of the palace.