Official website of His Majesty King Abdullah II ibn Al Hussein

Decades of robust regional and international engagement have made Jordan one of the most stable, secure and prosperous countries in the region. It is from this position of strength that Jordan has advanced its own development to become a highly globalised country. Today, the pursuit of peace in the region and beyond – a hallmark of Hashemite leadership – is the cornerstone of His Majesty King Abdullah II’s foreign policy.

King Abdullah is the region's most outspoken statesman on Middle East peace, which he asserts as both a basic right and a practical need for all people of the region. Since coming to the throne, he has insisted upon the crucial importance of a peaceful resolution to the conflict between Palestinians and Israelis as the indispensable condition for comprehensive regional peace and development. Using Jordan's strong relationship with members of the international community, he has advocated for active global engagement in bringing the parties together for a resolution.

The King has also been the region’s most vocal advocate of the Arab Peace Initiative (API) as the platform for the realisation of comprehensive peace between the Arab states and Israel. The API, a unanimous pledge of coexistence with the state of Israel made by all Arab states during the 2002 Arab Summit in Beirut, envisions comprehensive Arab-Israeli peace and security guarantees for all the countries of the region. Its foundation is Israel's withdrawal from all occupied Arab territories and the establishment of a viable, independent Palestinian state on Palestinian territory.

In other areas, King Abdullah has maintained Jordan’s openness to its neighbours and friends, and spearheaded a forceful response to extremism and terrorism. Since 1999, Jordan has signed seven treaties to combat international terrorism. In addition, Jordan takes a significant role in global conflict resolution, participating actively in UN peacekeeping operations. Every year, hundreds of Jordanian troops engage in international missions, keeping the peace in trouble spots, responding to humanitarian crises, and providing emergency aid in natural disasters.

King Abdullah believes that peace is more than an end to conflict: it is comprehensive development that bestows on individuals and nations lives of dignity, prosperity, and hope. For this reason, King Abdullah has advocated regional economic reform and cooperation in key areas, including infrastructure enhancement, educational development and cultural cooperation. On a global level, he has initiated numerous partnerships to advance the future of Jordan, the region and the developing world, through venues such as the World Economic Forum and his own G-11 Initiative.