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King Meets with Members of the National Committee on "Jordan First"
Amman, 31 October 2002

His Majesty King Abdullah II said that our working plan on "Jordan First" should not divert from the major goal which is enhancing the loyalty of Jordanians to their homeland and working as one team for the interest of Jordan and its future generations.

During a meeting with members of the national committee which His Majesty entrusted to form with a view to enhance the concept of "Jordan First", the King said that Jordan always stood by its Arab nation and will continue to do so. He also stressed Jordan's constant stand in supporting its brethren in Palestine and Iraq.

"Jordan First" means thinking of ways to move towards the future," he said, affirming that this motto does not carry any political dimensions as some tried to interpret.

"We would like to translate the concept "Jordan First" in our families, schools and universities to reflect positively on the life of each citizen," His Majesty added.

The King called on all Jordanians to be active in all fields that affect their life and future including the upcoming parliamentary elections.

"When public opinion polls show that 48 percent of citizens do not give attention to the upcoming parliamentary elections, then this does not conform with our keenness to develop Jordan and enhance loyalty to the country," he added.

His Majesty expressed hope that programs of the candidates of the upcoming parliamentary elections will be in line with Jordanian's needs including the improvement of the standards of living, educating, training and rehabilitating of citizens and providing them with a better future.

The King affirmed that 'Jordan is for all Jordanians and we appreciate the role of the opposition when it is for the interest of Jordan and its political development and when it works to improve citizens' standards of living and developing Jordan.

His Majesty voiced hope that the march of parties will be regulated through three main strong parties that have clear programs and goals. "The responsibility of the Jordanian press and its seriousness stem from its interest and concentration on the citizens issues, the presentation of their problems and the affirmation of Jordan pivotal role in the region," he added.

King Abdullah also touched on the role and efforts he is exerting to support the Palestinian people in addition to the continuous contacts Jordan is making to ease the suffering of the Palestinians and end the Israeli occupation. He also noted efforts being exerted by Jordan to spare Iraq consequences of a new war, affirming that "when we are strong we can back our brethren in Palestine and Iraq.