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King Abdullah's Dialogue in the U.S. Fortune Foundation Conference
Amman, 30 July 2002

His Majesty King Abdullah II said when the Palestinian problem is solved, we would be able to develop our societies and move forward, and if the United states would like to assist our region to move forward to more education, more transparency and more freedom, then it should help us to bring about solutions to the problems of this region and at that time would feel relaxed.

King Abdullah made his remarks in a lengthy question-and- answer dialogue with the participants in the U.S. Fortune Foundation conference held in Aspen, Colorado on Tuesday.
"In the West Bank the majority of Palestinians are devastated with the economic and social suffering they are going into. There are epidemic proportions or problems on the ground now and people are sick and tired of the cycle of violence . They see that it isn't going anywhere," King Abdullah told his interlocutors Answering a question on the U.S. President Bush's plan in which he called for the establishment of a Palestinian state, King Abdullah said the progress in this plan is seen in the target defined by the President, a target we have demanded for so long . Eventually, what is important is peace and prosperity for the Palestinians and the Israelis alike, King Abdullah said .

People in the region should realize the danger that if they do not work together, they may miss this golden opportunity to establish a Palestinian state in the three-year period, the King said.

The principles have been put forward but we have to work on the details now because the problems reside in the details, the King added. The problem is that, the absence of regional security makes it easy for leaders in the region to find an excuse not to move forward and it is very easy to slide into this gives...but this cloud of instability and insecurity should remain an obstacle before modernization and improving education, human rights and equality, King Abdullah said.