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King Abdullah II: Jordan a model for coexistence
Amman, 23 April 2002

His Majesty King Abdullah II Tuesday urged for working together as one team, Moslems and Christians alike , to unify the world in the new millennium. His Majesty said that Jerusalem is a symbol of peace and an umbrella to bring the three monotheistic religions closer together, particularly in these difficult times prevailing in the region. He stressed that Jordan is a model for Islamic and Christian coexistence.

During an audience with a delegation representing the American Churches Council, His Majesty reviewed the difficult situations the Palestinian people are living through, due to the Israeli aggression, and Jordan`s relentless efforts to ease their suffering and offer urgent aid to them in coordination with a series of non-governmental organizations.

His Majesty affirmed the importance of the Council`s assistance of highlighting the human tragedy in the Palestinian territories where the infrastructure has been totally demolished.

We are one family and we should express desire to achieve peace and prosperity and living together, His Majesty said. He expressed Jordan`s support to the efforts exerted by American Churches Council to realize the message of peace and ease the suffering of the Palestinian people who are exposed to aggression and siege.

Responding to questions of the delegation members, His Majesty stressed that Israel should not confine its interest to the security dimension if it wanted to deal with the countries of the region, because this will not help achieve peace.

He pointed out that the issue is political rather than a security one and the Palestinian people are seeking to fulfill their future and establish their independent state on their national soil.

His Majesty affirmed that Arabs, in the recent summit in Beirut reiterated that they wanted to live in peace with Israel and to have normal relations with it. Unless a Palestinian state is established such a stage will not be reached, he said. His Majesty pointed out to the importance of the American role and to US responsibility, as a super power, pertaining the situation in the region, and its relation with US interests and credibility in the region. Head of the American delegation Bob Edgar expressed appreciation of the American Churches Council, to which 51 million Americans belong, for His Majesty`s efforts to achieve peace in the region, and for Jordan`s role to make humanitarian aid arrive into the Palestinian territories.

The delegation pointed out that they are going to go to the Palestinian territories with urgent aid, within a tour in the region aiming at spreading the message of peace and to be acquainted with what is going on in the Palestinian territories on the ground.