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King Meets with British Prime Minister Mr. Tony Blair
Amman, 1 November 2001

His Majesty King Abdullah II and British Prime Minister Tony Blair underlined the importance of a quick action to activate the peace process as well as the need to establish a Palestinian state where its people enjoy peace, security and stability.

In his talks with Blair this morning, King Abdullah welcomed the British, American and European position which support in general the right of the Palestinians to establish an independent state.

During the talks which was attended by the acting prime minister, Royal Court chief, the foreign minister as well as head of the Intelligence Department, His Majesty and Blair stressed that the resumption of peace talks should be based on UN resolutions 242 and 338. Both sides agreed that these negotiations should lead to the establishment of an independent Palestinians state.

Talks during the meeting also covered international efforts to fight terrorism which began after Sept. 11.

King Abdullah highly valued the British prime minister s position towards Arab and Muslims as well as his assertion that Islam is a great religion and that terrorism cannot be linked with Islam. In a statement after the meeting, His Majesty praised efforts that have been exerted by Britain and its prime minister since Sept. 11 which focused on asserting that combating terrorism is not a conflict between the East and the West or Islam and Christianity but rather a war against those who harm Islam and use it as a cover for their terrorist acts.

In a similar statement, Blair described his meeting with His Majesty as very useful and constructive. " We have discussed the issue of terrorism and we also affirmed that Islam is a great religion that rejects violence and terrorism and that Muslims should fight any party that tries to harm principles of this great religion," He said.