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King Chairs Health Care Meeting
Amman, 24 January 2004

Directors of health care in WEF reaffirmed the importance of being acquainted with the great progress achieved by Jordanian pharmaceutical industry and the importance to reassess the future strategies of world firms they represent.

In a meeting chaired by His Majesty King Abdulah II, the directors stressed also that Jordan has entered a new phase of attracting strategic partners in order to strengthen the local Jordanian firms.

They pointed out that there are Jordanian firms that enjoy good reputation in the world market as they export their production to 63 countries around the world.

His Majesty said that partnership between the private and public sectors managed to forge pharmaceutical industry that is capable of competition on the international level. The Kingdom is seeking to diverse its pharmaceutical industry and to encourage research and development in this field, he affirmed.

His Majesty expressed interest in attracting world investment pharmaceutical firms in Jordan in order to help the Jordanian companies achieve scientific and technical knowledge and innovation, or contribution to some world pharmaceutical firms production.