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King: Arabs Must Remedy Their Situations Rather than Interfering in Others'
Amman, 25 December 2003

His Majesty King Abdullah II said that Arabs must remedy their own situations rather than interfering with others, adding that we realize that democracy is a continuous process and passes through numerous steps, and we in Jordan made big strides in this regard.

In an interview with Head of Board of Directors of Al Jamhoureyeh Newspaper in Egypt Sameer Rajab, the King said we started taking constructive steps towards democracy through achieving a comprehensive political, economic and social development.

The King also added that we do not care for what others want from democracy, but we take care of what our people want , which is a great responsibility, stressing that we will not take what is going on in the region as an excuse to remain behind of what we want to achieve for our people and for the rising generation.

The King said of the relations between Jordan and Egypt as a distinguished ones and have a vision in common on the issues of the region.

The king said " What concerns Jordan and Egypt is to get the region out of trouble and to support the Palestinian people to free themselves and to establish a Palestinian state".

The King affirmed that we are satisfied with our political stands towards the Palestinian and Iraqi issues, and at the same time we lay emphasis on developing Jordan and enhancing the living standard of citizens.

The King also illustrated that our efforts are focused on gaining support for the Palestinian people and affirmed that Israel, if it wants peace, has to stop the policy of assassination and building the separation fence.

Responding to a question on the Jordanian-Iranian relations, the King said that Iran is a neighbor Islamic country and we work on strengthening these relations for they will be a support for the stability of region and world peace.

Responding to a question on the way of solving the Iraqi issue, the King said that the settlement of this problem consists in ending the occupation, noting that Iraqi people must be enabled to build their own establishments and to elect an Iraqi national government.

the King also expressed his hope that Libya's voluntary decision to give up its international banned weapons might form a step towards getting rid of mass destruction weapons from the whole region including Israel.

On the Jordanian-Egyptian relations, the King expressed his thanks for President Hussni Mubark and for Egypt's support for Jordan, adding that coordination between Jordan and Egypt is constant and that Egypt has an important role in the issues of the whole Arab world.

Regarding the Palestinian and Iraqi issues, the King said that we are satisfied with the region's stands towards that, and at the same time we concentrate on our internal affairs and improving the living standard of the citizens.

On the peace process between the Palestinians and Israelis, the King said " I am always optimistic and I believe that the current political movement in Washington, the capitals of other countries and in the Middle East will end up in giving hope to the Palestinians, and during my visit to the USA I noted that stability and peace will be only achieved by creating a just solution to the Palestinian cause".