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King: Israel's Aggression on Syrian Lands Contradicts with International Legitimacy Rules
Amman, 6 October 2003

His Majesty King Abdullah said that the Israeli aggression on the Syrian lands contradicts with the rules of international legitimacy, indicating that it is rejected and condemned by Jordan.

His Majesty added, during a meeting with a number of parliament deputies at the Raghadan Palace on Monday, that the international community will not accept this behaviour which will only increase tension in the region.

In response to a question on Jordan's contribution to training members of the Iraqi police, King Abdullah said that this comes within Jordan's support to the Iraqi people. "If we could rehabilitate members of the Iraqi security and train them, this would provide the Iraqis with an opportunity to manage their own affairs as soon as possible," he added.

"We do not have political agenda in Iraq and we are ready to do our utmost to fulfill the needs of the Iraqi people," the King added during the meeting which was also attended by speaker of the lower house of parliament, minister of the Hashemite Royal Court, chief of the Royal Court and the ministers of parliamentary affairs and interior.

King Abdullah underlined the importance of cooperation between the parliament and government with a view to achieve social, economic and political development.

The King said that "we do not have any reservation over the national opposition that seeks to tackle the issues and concerns of the homeland.

"The opposition is required and it has a duty along with the government to monitor the government and its performance, and follow up the work of each ministry," he added. However, the King added that parties have to work in a transparent way for the interest of the homeland.

On the duties of the parliament, His Majesty said that the parliament has four years to develop the political, economic and social conditions for all Jordanians, affirming that the government, the deputies and citizens shoulder the responsibility of achieving this goal.

Speaker of the Lower House of Parliament Saad Hayel Srour and a number of deputies spoke during the meeting, stressing that the contact which His Majesty is establishing with all sectors constitute the cornerstone for achieving political development that is based on the participation of all.

Srour said that the legislative accomplishments that have been achieved by the parliament in its extraordinary session were good, indicating that the house managed to approve 26 laws.

The speaker added that the parliament's committees continuously follow up and study laws to be able to discuss them in its upcoming ordinary session.