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King Leaves to the United States
Amman, 14 September 2003

Their Majesties King Abdullah and Queen Rania left Amman on Sunday morning to the United States for a five-day visit.

King Abdullah will hold talks with US president George Bush at Camp David on Thursday and Friday that will focus on Washington's support for the peace plan embodied in the roadmap, the future of the situation in Iraq and the bilateral Jordanian -American relations.

His Majesty will also hold talks with President Bush's advisor Condolesa Rice, Secretary of state Colin Powel and a number of Congress members on the peace process, enhancing bilateral cooperation and the US aid to the kingdom. His Majesty will also address the foreign affairs committee at the US Congress.

His Majesty is accompanied by the Prime minister, His Majesty's advisor for security affairs, ministers of the Royal Court, planning and foreign affairs.

Within His Majesty's efforts to clear up the Arab vision on the issues of Palestine, Iraq and war against terrorism, the King will hold a series of press and TV interviews.

His Majesty's private advisor, HRH Prince Talal Ben Mohammad was sworn in as regent.

A Royal decree was issued on Sunday appointing deputy prime minister/minister of justice as deputy prime minister during the prime minister's absence.