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King Abdullah is due to visit Washington
Amman, 11 September 2003

Their Majesties King Abdullah II and Queen Rania on September 14th are expected to visit US, where the King is expected to discuss with American President George Bush means of supporting the peace process in the Middle East and the situation in Iraq.

In an interview with AP, His Majesty affirmed Thursday that the quicker Iraqis are allowed to participate in the making of their new civil and political society, the more stable Iraq and the region will be.

His Majesty said that Jordan is providing all kinds of support to help the Iraqi people resume their lives and look forward to their future. He pointed out to humanitarian assistance, which includes mobile hospitals set up in Iraq and evacuating war victims for treatment in Jordan.

Jordan is treating Iraq's war wounded and providing other humanitarian help , but its support does not extend to sending peacekeepers across the border, the King said.

His Majesty said that sending Jordanian or Arab peacekeeping troops to Iraq is, at this point, a sensitive issue. Others might be able to play a more constructive role in the near term, He added.

His Majesty said that a lot is required on the economic and social level in addition to the political level, and we are hopeful that the Iraqi people will make it and be part of a new democratic nation that would articulate the hopes and ambitions of its people.

Concerning Jordanian American relations, His Majesty said, our relationship is a strong one and allows us to exchange views freely about how we see the future of the region and the role of the US in establishing stability and peace and security in it.

Jordan, whole-heartedly, supports the new Palestinian government led by Ahmad Qure'a, His Majesty said.

If the US and the international community want this government to succeed, we must put pressure on Israel to stop its military provocations and policy of assassinations so it can ensure its security and prevent further attacks against its citizens.

AP said that His Majesty expressed concern that Palestinians and Israelis are not able to move forward on their own. He called for a strong monitoring and interventionist role by the United States and its peace partners.