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King Opens The Second Forum of Jordanian Ambassadors
Amman, 28 July 2003

His Majesty King Abdullah II announced on Monday during the opening of the Second Forum of Jordanian Ambassadors serving abroad, the establishment of a fund to support activities of Jordanian embassies abroad and enable them to develop their performance.

The King expressed understanding of the obstacles facing Jordanian embassies, foremost of which is a shortage in human cadres and funds.

"The fund will support the new approach of the ambassadors to take the initiative in enhancing the relationship with the private sector abroad and to attract investments into the Kingdom and promote economic ties with world countries," he said.

According to the Foreign Minister Dr. Marwan Muasher, the fund was established through a generous support by His Majesty the King in addition to contributions from the government and the private sector.

His Majesty also honored the Jordan's mission to the UN as well as the Jordanian embassies in Cairo and Brussels for their accomplishments on the political, economic and cultural levels. He also honored the Jordanian embassy in Beijing and the General Consulate in Dubai for their efforts in attracting investments into the Kingdom.

Muasher said that the Jordanian mission in New York which is headed by His Royal Highness Prince Zeid Bin Raad played an important role in supporting the establishment of the International Criminal Court. Jordan was the first Arab country to sign the basic law of the court and Prince Zeid was chosen as President of the Association of member countries for three years.

On the three-day ambassadors' forum, the minister said that time has come to make a qualitative change in the nature and missions of the Jordanian diplomacy through giving the economic dimension more attention.

He said that the embassies should work as a developmental linking chain between Jordan and the world, look after Jordan's economic interests and provide a political environment that stimulates economic cooperation.

The Foreign Ministry began work last year in cooperation with the Economic and Development Department at the Royal Court, to hold this forum that aims at strengthening the economic role of ambassadors and promote Jordan on the political, economic and cultural levels.