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King Holds Talks with Blair
Amman, 24 April 2003

His Majesty King Abdullah II on Thursday discussed with British Prime Minister Tony Blair the current developments in the Middle East and the necessity to exert intensive efforts to release the peace process in the region and restore security and stability in Iraq.

During their meeting today, His Majesty affirmed that the urgent step now is to work for bringing the Palestinian and Israeli sides back to the negotiation table and start proclaiming the road map which clarified what is demanded from Palestinians, Arabs and Israelis.

The King and Blair's views have been identical regarding the necessity to implement the road map on the ground. Blair affirmed his country's commitment to work for achieving peace in the region.

His Majesty King Abdullah II expressed appreciation on the British commitment the Prime Minster showed regarding achievement of security and peace in the region. He affirmed that peace and stability in the region will not be achieved without Israel's withdrawal from Arab territories and establishment of independent Palestinian state.

The talks focused also on the future situation of Iraq, where His Majesty affirmed that the Iraqi people should be given the right to determine their future and the form of government they look forward to.

His Majesty pointed out that UN and the international community should have a role in Iraq. He pointed out also to the necessity to form a national Iraqi government capable of handling responsibilities of building Iraq.

His Majesty and Blair affirmed the urgent necessity now in Iraq is to ensure delivery of food and medicine aid and tackling the health issues the Iraqi people are suffering from.

They stressed the impotence of facilitating and supporting the delivery of these aid and achieving security and stability, as well as return of normal life to Iraq.

Blair affirmed that his country is working with the international community to help Iraqis renew their future and choose their national, leadership.