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King and Queen Launch a Blood Donation Campaign for Iraq
Amman, 12 April 2003

Their Majesties King Abdullah II and Queen Rania Al-Abdullah on Saturday launched a blood donation campaign to assist injured and wounded people in Iraq.

The King and Queen themselves donated blood in expression of their stand by Iraqi people and of the brotherly bonds linking the Jordanian and Iraqi peoples.

The campaign launched by Their Majesties is part of nation wide campaign ordered by His Majesty King Abdullah in a message to the Prime Minister last week, in which he instructed the government to conduct an overall national campaign to help provide relief supplies including food and medicine to the Iraqi people whether from Jordan or from Arab and friendly countries.

The King also ordered to prepare a field hospital by the Armed Forces, to be sent to Iraq and the possibility of establishing another field hospital there to medicate injured Iraqis. According to the King's directives some of the wounded shall be brought to Jordan to receive medical treatment in Jordanian hospitals.

The blood donation campaign will start on Sunday and four centers have prepared to receive donators at the University of Jordan in Amman, The University of Science and Technology in Irbed, the Hashemite University in Zarka and Mutah University in Karak.