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King Abdullah II reiterates supporting the Iraqi people
Amman, 10 April 2003

His Majesty King Abdullah II said that supporting the Iraqi people at this stage is an obligation that stems from the brotherly and historic relations that bind the two people.

His Majesty emphasized, during a meeting in the presence of Queen Rania today, the necessity to place appropriate mechanisms in order to ensure the delivery of essential medical and food supplies as well as other needs required by the Iraqi people at this stage.

During the meeting, His Majesty instructed the preparation of a field hospital by the Armed Forces that would operate inside the Iraqi territories in order to treat Iraqi casualties. His Majesty gave directions to study the prospects of setting up another field hospital if needed.

His Majesty gave his directions to transfer several wounded Iraqis to the Kingdom to treat them in Jordanian hospitals when their situation permits transferring them from Iraq.

In this context, Her Majesty Queen Rania pointed out to the importance of giving the priority to the transfer of Iraqi children with severe burning conditions to be treated in Jordanian hospitals.

During the meeting which was attended by Minister of Royal Hashemite Court, Chief of the Royal Hashemite Court, Ministers of Foreign Affairs and Health and Planning and Chief of Joint Staff, His Majesty affirmed that that this national obligation is a the responsibility of all in the public and national sectors.

His Majesty instructed the government to coordinate with Arab governments and friendly countries that are willing to support and help the Iraqi people in order to send the assistance through Jordan.

His Majesty indicated that Crisis Management Centre will be responsible for identifying the appropriate mechanism to deliver the aid and assistance provided by the government, the private sector or those coming from Arab and friendly countries.

His Majesty pointed out to the importance of facilitating the work of national organizations and NGOs that intends to provide assistance to the Iraqi people.

In the next few days, Her Majesty Queen Rania will contact national organizations to discuss the mechanism of work and facilitate their tasks in providing aid to Iraq.

The Prime Minister Mr. Ali Abu Al Ragheb said that the government in coordination with the Crisis Management Centre has taken all necessary measures and preparations to implement His Majesty's instructions to ensure the delivery of medical and food assistance to the Iraqi people. He pointed out that the government is working through several areas to ensure the delivery of this assistance to Iraq in the most feasible means.

General Mohammad Ittan, Director of Crisis Management Centre presented a briefing on the assistance program to Iraq, which includes assistance from Jordan as well as Arab and foreign assistance passing through Jordan. In addition to the follow up on the food for oil program under the supervision of the United Nations.

He described the requirements for the delivery of assistance, which includes coordination with Iraqi officials and Allied forces as well as government organizations and NGOs.

He pointed out that the requirements of the Center include providing Buses and supporting logistical cars and healing stations and communications equipments. The centre includes representatives from the Ministries of Health and Foreign Affairs, Public Security, Hashemite Jordan Charity Organization, Customs Department and the Armed Forces.

His Majesty announced on Wednesday the launching of a national campaign to extend humanitarian aid to the Iraqi people as soon as possible.

In a letter addressed to Prime Minister Ali Abul Ragheb, His Majesty stressed that the government should take all necessary measures and practical procedures to ensure the delivery of medical and food supplies for the Iraqi people to help them overcome this crisis.