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Dialogue is solution to all sectarian divisions − King
Jakarta, 26 February 2014

His Majesty King Abdullah on Wednesday called for enhancing the values of dialogue, coexistence and tolerance among all peoples of the world.

Delivering a speech at a conference in Jakarta, where King Abdullah also held talks with Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono on bilateral ties and the latest regional developments, the King stressed the role of the Ummah (Muslim nation) in spreading the true essence of Islam and contributing to resolving global challenges.

“Every Muslim has a role − especially our young men and women − to help guide humanity’s road forward. To work with others to solve problems, meet challenges and seize opportunities,” His Majesty said.

Speaking at the Nahdlatul Ulama Interfaith Conference, “Islam for Peace and Civilisation,” which opened on Wednesday in the Indonesian capital, the King also explained that the absence of dialogue and harmony creates the conditions for violence and extremism.

His Majesty warned of forces that work to ignite religious and ethnic struggles, exploiting sectarian divisions especially in Syria.

“Sadly, today, there are forces that seek to hold this future back, by inciting religious and ethnic conflict,” the King added.

“In the Syrian crisis, we are seeing the exploitation of sectarian divisions to justify violence and pursue power. But our region is not alone. The dangers of religious conflict threaten the entire Ummah, and indeed, all humanity. And we must respond.”

Dialogue, the King stressed, is the solution to all sectarian divisions and religious conflicts and is the key to peace and prosperity.

“Where there is conflict, dialogue can bring peace. Where there is peace, dialogue can bring harmony. Where there is harmony, dialogue can bring friendship. And where there is friendship, dialogue can bring joint, beneficial action.”

His Majesty expressed Jordan’s readiness to help institutionalise values of dialogue and coexistence.

“This is your work here today, and it is our work, together, in the days ahead. Jordan stands, with you, for truth, tolerance and mutual respect.”