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King urges US Jewish organisations to back Washington’s peace process
Washington, DC, 13 February 2014

His Majesty King Abdullah on Thursday met in Washington with representatives of several leading American Jewish organisations and discussed ways to support the US-brokered peace efforts.

At the meeting, King Abdullah noted that the decades-old Palestinian-Israeli struggle constitutes the core conflict in the Middle East, adding that arriving at a just and comprehensive solution is the responsibility of all, including Jewish organisations in the US.

The King urged the Jewish leaders to support peace efforts in the region’s best interests, and for its people and future generations.

Establishing an independent Palestinian state on national Palestinian soil, within the pre-1967 lines and with East Jerusalem as its capital, is a regional and international interest, so everybody should shoulder this responsibility and carry out whatever is needed to achieve this goal, His Majesty told the audience.

The King stressed the important role that Jewish leading figures and organisations in the US can play, stressing the need for them to back the US administration in its efforts to push the peace process forward.

Final status issues between the Palestinians and Israelis are at the core of Jordan’s interests, His Majesty said, noting that safeguarding the Kingdom’s national interests comes at the top of the country’s priorities.

The King highlighted the 2002 Arab Peace Initiative, which, he said, provides a historic opportunity to end the Arab-Israeli struggle, as it guarantees the establishment of an independent Palestinian state and provides security for Israel and a chance to make peace with 57 Arab and Muslim states.

Unless peace is achieved in the Middle East, there will be more tension and instability, and the entire region and its people will be pushed into the abyss, His Majesty added.

The King warned against Israel’s settlement policies in Jerusalem and attempts to infringe on Islamic and Christian sites and to Judaise the eastern part of the city.

At the meeting, His Majesty shed light on several regional issues, especially developments of the crisis in Syria and Jordan’s relief aid for Syrian refugees.

Leading American Jewish figures lauded the King’s continued efforts to achieve peace and his vision to build a better future for the region’s people. They valued His Majesty’s “wisdom and moderation”, commending the way he puts issues forward and the way he approaches challenges in the Middle East.