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King receives Armenian Archbishop
Amman, 10 April 2013

His Majesty King Abdullah on Wednesday stressed the importance of preserving the Islamic and Christian character of Jerusalem and supporting Palestinian residents of the holy city.

During a meeting with Nourhan Manougian, the newly elected Armenian Patriarch of Jerusalem and Jordan, King Abdullah asserted the need to support Jerusalemites whilst they brave the challenges and difficult conditions,  in reference to Israeli attempts to empty the city of its Arab residents.

His Majesty congratulated Manougian on his new post, which he assumed following a Royal Decree issued earlier to approve the patriarch’s nomination.

Stressing his commitment to foster the values of tolerance, love and co-existence between Muslims and Christians and to strengthen the common bonds between them, the King cited the historic agreement recently reached with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas for the defence of Jerusalem’s holy sites.

The agreement, signed last month, recognises His Majesty’s role as custodian of the holy places in East Jerusalem in a bid to unify efforts to protect Jerusalem and its holy sites, against challenges and unilateral Israeli measures and attempts to change the Islamic-Christian identity of the Arab city.

The Patriarch commended the King’s continued support for the church in its efforts to preserve the holy sites, and his support for Palestinians, especially those living in Jerusalem.

In remarks during the meeting, the Patriarch said he was honoured by the Royal Decree appointing him as patriarch of the Armenian Orthodox followers in Jordan and Jerusalem and pledged to exert his best efforts to meet expectations and be worthy of the King’s confidence.

Manougian is the 97th Armenian Patriarch of Jerusalem and Jordan. He succeeded Patriarch Torkom.