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King: Arab Spring helps Jordan move forward in reform
London, 12 December 2012

His Majesty King Abdullah on Wednesday met a number of heads and members of committees in the British House of Commons and House of Lords.

King Abdullah reviewed Jordan’s reform efforts, which will lead to parliamentary government. He also highlighted the latest developments in the Middle East, particularly in Syria.

His Majesty stressed the role of the youth, who represent the majority of Jordan’s population, in the reform process and their engagement in the political process and the parliamentary elections that will take place on January 23. The elections, the King said, will provide the youth with a chance to vote and support candidates who have clear programs that serve the community, empower the youth and develop solutions to their problems.

The King said the Arab Spring was an opportunity for Jordan to press ahead with reform and development in various sectors, adding that what has been achieved paves the way to develop the political and partisan life and promote participation in the decision-making process through elections, leading to a strong parliament and parliamentary governments.

During the meeting, His Majesty talked about the latest developments in the peace process, stressing the importance of intensifying international efforts to achieve a breakthrough, leading to a just and comprehensive peace based on the two-state solution, which enjoys international consensus.

The King underscored the importance of international engagement in the peace process to help the Palestinians and Israelis return to the negotiating table and address all final status issues, leading to the establishment of an independent and viable Palestinian state.

The meeting also touched on the situation in Syria. His Majesty pointed to the serious repercussions on the entire region if the crisis continues without a solution that spares the Syrian people from further suffering. The King pointed to the huge burden borne by Jordan as a result of hosting large numbers of Syrian refugees.

His Majesty expressed appreciation for Britain’s contribution to providing assistance to Syrian refugees, calling on the international community to increase humanitarian aid.

Meanwhile, the British lawmakers thanked the King for briefing them on the latest developments and challenges in the Middle East. They also praised His Majesty’s wisdom, his tireless efforts to achieve peace and stability in the region, and his endeavor to achieve reform in Jordan.