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King Abdullah II and President Mubarak Hold Talks
Amman, 8 February 2003

His Majesty King Abdullah II and Egyptian President Muhammad Hosni Mubarak on Saturday held talks, within the framework of coordination and consultation between the two leaders, concerning the situation in the region, particularly the Iraqi crisis developments. The two leaders stressed their support to international endeavors to reach a peaceful solution to avoid war in the region.

The two leaders stressed also the necessity to give international inspectors more time in order to implement their mission in Iraq, particularly under the light of Iraq's readiness to allow them visit all sites they intend to, and its commitment to the Security Council's resolutions.

His Majesty and President Mubarak expressed hope of settling this crisis under the UN umbrella. They reviewed the outcome of their meetings with Arab leaders and international officials regarding the Iraqi file, and agreed to continue meetings and consultations regarding this issue.

The talks focused also on the situation on the Palestinian territories and efforts to revive the peace process.

His Majesty King Abdullah II and President Mubarak stressed the importance of intensifying efforts to come back to peaceful negotiations and push them forward.

They highlighted the international community's responsibility in implementing the road map and to make have priority, as well proclaiming it at this time.

The talks touched also on Jordanian Egyptian relations, where several issues in the fields of joint investment, such as energy, Gas and tourism, were reviewed.

Later President Mubarak left Aqaba following a several hours visit to the Kingdom.