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King updated on government reform moves
Amman, 10 June 2012

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His Majesty King Abdullah said on Sunday that comprehensive reform, in its political, economic and social dimensions, is an urgent priority to address economic hardship through job-creation and poverty alleviation programmes.
King Abdullah spoke at a meeting with Prime Minister Fayez Tarawneh during which he was briefed on measures to carry out the Letter of Designation, particularly steps to accelerate reform after the passage of legislation regulating political life in line with constitutional amendments.
Among milestones the Kingdom achieved so far were the formation of the Independent Elections Commission and endorsement of the political parties and constitutional court laws.  Parliament is currently discussing an elections law paving the way for free, fair and transparent elections before the end of this year.
The King reiterated the need for government support of the Governorates Development Fund to achieve balanced development and generate jobs through launching enterprises that meet the needs of local communities.
His Majesty said the fund should supplement government programmes and plans in various regions, emphasising the pivotal role of governors in that endeavour through keeping channels open with communities to address and meet their needs.
The King emphasised the need for social reform to strengthen the social fabric and preserve citizen's dignity, "which is a red line." His Majesty also referred to special education and care centres, where he recently ordered an investigation on reported "routine" abuse, calling on the government to keep a close watch on care homes for people with disabilities.
Tarawneh updated the King on the government's strategy in the next phase, particularly efforts to diversify energy resources and coordination between anti-corruption bodies as well as measures to ensure that food stocks and basic commodities will be available during the holy month of Ramadan.
The Prime Minister pledged team-work and full cooperation with the legislative authority to translate the Letter of Designation into reality according to the priorities set by the King in order to build a better future for all Jordanians. He said the door is open to forces across the political spectrum to bring the aspired-for national consensus.