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Amman tribes renew support for reform
Amman, 13 May 2012

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Notables and community leaders of the Beersheba and other major tribes living in Amman and its outskirts on Sunday renewed their support for the Kingdom’s reform drive.

The Beersheba tribes erected tents along the airport road on Sunday to welcome His Majesty King Abdullah, whose visit was part of a series of such visits covering various communities in the Kingdom.

In a welcoming speech on behalf of the tribes, Senator Mohammad Hammad Saeed stressed the tribes’ support for the accelerated reform process launched by the King last year.

Former Deputy Nayef Abu Mahfouth stressed the tribes’ commitment to safeguarding the Kingdom’s national unity.

Other speakers outlined the demands and needs of the tribes, including job opportunities, parliamentary representation through a “fair mechanism” and scholarship.

Also on Sunday, King Abdullah met with leaders of the Taamreh, Ebedieh, Sawahreh and Beit Fajjar tribes, who originally came from areas around Bethlehem, as well as figures from the Jahalin tribe, which comes from the areas outside Hebron and Jerusalem, at Al Hussein Youth City.

Tribal leaders delivered addresses welcoming the King and expressing pride in his efforts to achieve reform and maintain the Kingdom’s security, stability and national unity.

Deputy Mohammad Thweib stressed that dialogue is key to achieving comprehensive reform.

Aziz Obeidi, from the Ebedieh tribe, stressed that tribes will always defend the country’s security and stability, highlighting and voicing gratitude for the support the King lends to the Palestinian cause.

Ahmad Awad Salahat stressed the importance of joint efforts to overcome the Kingdom’s challenges, especially in the economy, and commended His Majesty’s efforts to restore the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people.

Speaking on behalf of the Sawahreh tribes, Adnan Al Aaraj lauded the King’s role in protecting and safeguarding Islamic sites in Jerusalem, especially Al Aqsa Mosque.

Journalist Salameh Daraawi stressed that political and economic reform must go hand in hand, calling on the government to deal with the imbalances in the state budget.

In a speech on behalf of the Jahalin tribe, Ibrahim Jahalin voiced his clan’s support for the King’s reform efforts.

Zakaria Sheikh, from the Beit Fajjar tribe, also stressed his tribe’s support to the Kingdom’s reform endeavour.