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King meets Balqawi tribes, camp leaders
Amman, 10 May 2012

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His Majesty King Abdullah on Thursday met with leaders of the Balqawi tribes, whose presence extends over large areas around Amman, and notables from Sahab District, 25km east of the capital.

Delivering a welcoming speech, Deputy Ahmad Hmeisat presented local development needs, including transforming Tutanji Hospital into a military hospital, establishing a civil hospital in Khreibet Al Souk, a southern Amman neighbourhood, and upgrading roads in eastern Amman.

Former minister Fares Qatarneh said all Jordanians support the reform efforts led by His Majesty.

Abdul Wahab Hneiti, whose clan is a major branch of the Balqawi tribes, welcomed the King, voicing his clan’s support for the reform efforts. Hneiti called for improving the administrative and educational services in Qweismeh, Jweideh, Abu Alanda, Jawa, Khreibet Al Souk, Raqim and Mugabalin districts.

Aref Daboubi, from Sahab District, said His Majesty’s insistence on moving forward with the reform process and enacting reform-oriented laws is a response to those who question the seriousness and will to achieve reform.

Delivering a welcoming speech on behalf of the Shawabkeh tribe, Abdullah Shawabkeh said tribes are considered a basic pillar of the Kingdom and will always defend the country’s security and stability.

Also on Thursday, His Majesty King Abdullah met with leaders of Hussein, Wihdat, Prince Hassan and Talbiyeh refugee camps at Al Hussein Youth City. Camp leaders voiced support for Jordan’s reform process, commending the King’s support for the Palestinians’ right to an independent state. They also stressed their commitment to safeguarding the Kingdom’s national unity.

In an address delivered to welcome the King, Deputy Khalil Attiyeh said: “We are all Jordanians when Jordan needs us and we are all Palestinians when Palestine calls for us.”

Deputy Mohammad Kouz said Jordanians are one family, immune to attempts to harm its unity.

Deputy Yahya Saud stressed that national unity is the Kingdom’s source of power and dignity, adding that all Jordanians support the fight against corruption.

Camp leaders also highlighted some of the residents’ needs, which included development projects and upgraded services. They also called for supporting civil society organisations and activating healthcare committees and services in the camps.