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King visits more local communities
Amman, 9 May 2012

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Welcoming His Majesty King Abdullah on a visit to the Abbad tribe, former Prime Minister Marouf Bakhit said tribes believe that tribalism is never an alternative to partisan or institutional work as the country aggressively pursues reform. Jordan is a country of institutions known for its modernisation, justice and respect for human rights, the former premier said.

During a ceremony in Marj Al Hamam, at the southwestern periphery of Amman, Abbad tribe leaders expressed appreciation and support for the King’s efforts to achieve comprehensive reform to secure a better future for all Jordanians and to build on previous accomplishments.

King Abdullah’s visit came as part of a nation-wide tour stretching over several weeks to assess the situation of local communities and get grassroots feedback on the reform process and other issues of public interest.

On Wednesday, His Majesty also met with leaders and members of the Ajarmeh and Thawabieh tribes in Naour and Adasiyeh, west of Amman respectively, who also voiced their support for the national comprehensive reform drive, seeking to foster political life and expand public participation in decision-making.

Senator Mohammad Shahwan said in a welcome address that all attempts to break the law are denounced by the Jordanian people and cannot be tolerated, stressing that Jordan will remain an oasis of stability and security.

Other speakers stressed their support for the fight against corruption and pledged to stand firm against attempts to disturb the peace in Jordan.

His Majesty also visited Al Adasiyeh area to meet with leaders of the Thawabieh tribe. In a speech delivered to welcome the King, former deputy Abed Thawabieh said His Majesty is the guarantor of national unity, stressing his tribe’s support for the reform endeavour.

Other speakers called for developing a national policy to support Jordan’s industrial sector and foster public-private sector cooperation.