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His Majesty King Abdullah II received on Wednesday Abbas Jrari, advisor of King Muhammad VI of Morocco, who conveyed to His Majesty a letter from the Moroccan Monarch regarding a number of bilateral topics between the two brotherly countries.
His Majesty King Abdullah II on Tuesday received Iraqi foreign minister Naji Sabri, who conveyed a letter to the King from Iraqi President Saddam Hussein regarding means to further enhance bilateral relations between the two brotherly countries.
His Majesty King Abdullah II on Monday met Muslim scholars taking part in the Al al-Bayt Foundation for Islamic Thought conference which opened under the Royal patronage at the Royal Cultural Centre on Sunday, with the participation of over one hundred Muslim scholars and clerics representing about forty Arab and Muslim countries including Russia, the U.S. and Europe.
Their Majesties King Abdullah II and Queen Rania returned home sunday following a tour that included France, Britain and USA, where His Majesty discussed with leaders of these countries the grave situation in the Palestinian territories and the tragic circumstances the Palestinian people are living under due to the continued occupation, siege and military escalation.
His Majesty King Abdullah II on Thursday held talks with U.S President George Bush on the situation in the occupied Palestinian territories and means to take practical steps to make progress on the ground in translating the peace visions into a tangible reality.
His Majesty King Abdullah II said when the Palestinian problem is solved, we would be able to develop our societies and move forward, and if the United states would like to assist our region to move forward to more education, more transparency and more freedom, then it should help us to bring about solutions to the problems of this region and at that time would feel relaxed.
On the sidelines of his participation in the U.S. Fortune Foundation Conference on Tuesday, His Majesty King Abdullah met former U.S. President Bill Clinton and Israeli Foreign Minister Shimon Peres and discussed the deteriorating situation in the Palestinian areas and the tremendous Palestinian suffering under Israeli occupation.
His Majesty King Abdullah II held talks in London on Monday with the British Prime Minister Tony Blair on ways of putting an end to the escalating situation in the Palestinian lands and ease the suffering of the Palestinian people.
His Majesty king Abdullah II said that His Royal Highness Prince Hassan's decision to attend meeting of the Iraqi opposition in London was unfortunate. "Prince Hassan blundered into something he did not realize he was getting into and we're all picking up the pieces," he added.
His Majesty King Abdullah II on Friday began a brief visit to France to hold talks with French President Jacques Chirac on HM's relentless and tireless efforts exerted to relaunch the stalled Mideast peace process and to end Israel's occupation of the Palestinian territories.