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His Majesty King Abdullah II affirmed the importance of providing the necessary support to implement road and housing projects by the Ministry of Public Works and Housing so to reflect positively on services provided to citizens.
His Majesty King Abdullah II affirmed the importance of giving priority to implementing the project "Educational Development Towards Knowledge Economy" which focuses on the achievement of equal opportunities in quality and quantity education for school students, and providing them with the opportunity to deal with communications and information technology.
His Majesty King Abdullah II received on Sunday the former Iraqi Foreign Minster Adnan Bajehgee and reviewed with him the future of the situation in Iraq.
His Majesty King Abdullah II received on Sunday Bulgarian Foreign Minster Solomon Basi who is currently in a visit to Jordan to activate the bilateral cooperation in the various fields.
Their Majesties King Abdullah II and Queen Rania on Friday returned home from UK. Upon his immediate return His Majesty visited King Hussein Medical Center (KHMC) where he has been reassured regarding the health of the three wounded in the blast that took place in Queen Alia airport Thursday, due to a grenade inside the luggage of a Japanese photographer.
His Majesty King Abdullah II said that the Middle East region faces many challenges that demand exerting more efforts toward the resolution of the Palestinian issue and the achievement of a just and comprehensive Arab-Israeli peace.
Under the patronage of His Majesty King Abdullah II, The World Economic Forum will convene an extraordinary meeting in Jordan from 21 to 23 June.
His Majesty King Abdullah II on Thursday discussed with British Prime Minister Tony Blair the current developments in the Middle East and the necessity to exert intensive efforts to release the peace process in the region and restore security and stability in Iraq.
In line with His Majesty King Abdullah II instructions today, Aqaba International Airport was named King Hussein International Airport in recognition to the role of His Majesty the late King Hussein and his efforts, aspirations and vision for the future of Aqaba, which His Majesty King Abdullah II developed into a Special Economic Zone. The airport was also announced as an “open skies airport”.
His Majesty King Abdullah II received today a phone call from Palestinian President Yasser Arafat during which they discussed the steps needed to put the peace negotiations back on track particularly after the agreement on the formation of the Palestinian Government lead by Mahmoud Abbas, Abu Mazen.