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His Majesty King Abdullah II on Wednesday affirmed that national unity is a `red line؟ that can not be tampered with and that a strong Jordan is the most capable to support Palestinian brothers in their present ordeal.
His Majesty King Abdullah II on Monday stressed the necessity to mobilize Arab and international efforts to further pressure Israel to pull out its troops immediately from Palestinian towns and lift the siege on Palestinian President Yasser Arafat.
His Majesty King Abdullah II Sunday phoned Egyptian President Muhammad Husni Mubarak within the framework of consultation between the two countries pertaining to Israel؟s invasion and occupation of Palestinian territories.
His Majesty King Abdullah II Sunday discussed with the visiting Belgian Minster of Defense Andrew Flahet the developments of the explosive situation in the Palestinian territories and the Jordanian and European efforts exerted currently
to pressure Israel to pull out its forces from the Palestinian territories.
His Majesty King Abdullah II inaugurated a telethon aired by Jordan Radio and Television Corporation to collect donations for Palestinians suffering under Israel`s brutal aggression. The telethon is Jordan`s biggest ever, in Jordan, dedicated to medical and humanitarian aid.
His Majesty King Abdullah II Thursday received a phone call from Spain`s Prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar and exchanged views on international and European efforts exerted to enforce Israel troops pullout from all occupied Palestinian territories.
Foreign Minister Marwan Muasher left Amman on Thursday heading to the United States to deliver a letter from His Majesty King Abdullah to the US President George Bush.
His Majesty King Abdullah II, in a meeting with Italian speaker of Parliament Pier Ferdinando Cassini, discussed Europe`s role pertaining to its contribution to end Israel`s occupation of the Palestinian cities and the siege and aggression that the brotherly Palestinian people are exposed to.
His Majesty King Abdullah II and Her Majesty Queen Rania Al-Abdullah Tuesday received His Royal Highness Prince Talal Bin Abdul Aziz, Chairman of Arab Gulf Fund (AGFUND) to support UN Development Organizations.
His Majesty King Abdullah II Sunday reaffirmed Jordan`s full support to the Palestinian people and their legal leadership represented in President Yasser Arafat. While chairing an urgent meeting of the cabinet today, His Majesty instructed the government to intensify contacts with the influential parties and save no efforts to secure immediate international protection to the Palestinian people.