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His Majesty King Abdullah II will leave for Cairo on Sunday on a brief visit to Egypt for talks with Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak on development of events in the Palestinian territories and ways to coordinate efforts to drum up support to the Palestinian position and the Arab demand for an immediate Israeli withdrawal from the Palestinian areas and an end to the siege on Palestinian President Yasser Arafat.
His Majesty King Abdullah II Thursday said Israel will never enjoy security as long as a whole nation is under occupation , noting `the problem is not only a security one as some Israelis claim , the root issue is rather political`.

The King`s remarks came in an interview with US Fox News satellite channel , and added the establishment of the independent and sovereign Palestinian state on the Palestinian national soil will give peace and security to Palestinians and Israelis alike.
His Majesty King Abdullah II Thursday stressed, during a phone call with American President George Bush, the necessity that USA take decisive positions to oblige Israel withdraw its forces instantly from all Palestinian territories, including President Yasser Arafat`s headquarters.
His Majesty King Abdullah II Tuesday inspected the process of receiving humanitarian aid and sending them to the Palestinian people. The King asked the Jordanian Hashemite Welfare for Relief and Development and Arab and Islamic Cooperation Fund to cooperate with Crisis Management Department (CMD) of the Jordanian Armed Forces to ensure knowing the needs of every Palestinian city, village or refugee camp of aid in coordination with the Palestinian National Authority apparatus . His Majesty asked the fund and CMD`s officials to prepare themselves for the pressure of relief work expected during the coming two days following the pull out of the Israeli forces from the Palestinian territories.
Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan of the United Arab Emirates Tuesday morning received Jordanian Prime Minister Ali Abul Ragheb who conveyed to him a letter from His Majesty King Abdullah II, which included the King`s greetings and wishes of good health to Sheikh Zayed and further progress and prosperity for UAE people.
His Majesty King Abdullah II Tuesday received the renowned Arab Journalist and Writer Naserudin Nashashibi.
Palestinian Minister of Health Riyadh Zanoun expressed appreciation of His Majesty King Abdullah II`s consistent efforts to serve the Palestinian people who are facing a tragedy due to the Israeli invasion of the Palestinian territories.
His Majesty King Abdullah II, the Supreme Commander of the Jordanian Armed Forces, Monday stressed Jordan`s absolute support to its Palestinian brethren in these difficult situations they are facing due to the Israeli invasion to the Palestinian villages, towns, cities and refugee camps.
His Majesty King Abdullah II, Sunday, warned against any attempt to bring in a substitute for Palestinian President Yasser Arafat or to marginalize the Palestinian legitimate leadership. Such an endeavour is a `conspiracy` against the Palestinian people and their just cause, King Abdullah said in an interview with MBC satellite channel.
His Majesty King Abdullah II and South Africa President Thambo Mbieki Thursday reviewed the efforts exerted currently to salvage the explosive situation in the Palestinian Territories and means to coordinate the international community
efforts to pressure Israel for the implementation of the security Council resolutions and withdrawal from the Palestinian territories.